Every young hurdler`s goal is to reach the golden balloon at the end of each level, however, there are some obstacles along the way. Hurdler runs toward the golden balloon and it is up to you to execute the proper jump in time. Clear the obstacles and make your way to the end by using hurdler`s different jumping techniques. Also be aware that even though our hurdling hero can jump over most obstacles some remain out of reach, so keep an eye out for springboards strategically located in the ground preceding a large obstacle. Good luck, and happy hurdling.
Alien Gunner
Alien Gunner is a mix of some of the best space shooters, such as Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxian, etc... The idea of the game is score as high as you can, shooting enemies, asteroids, and whatever else you can find. These obstacles come in "waves". There are various items to pick up along the way to enhance your abilities. When you`re done, send your scores up to the TGP online scoreboard!
Cave Jumper
An excitingly greedy spelunking adventure
re-imagined for your Windows PC.

Cave Jumper is a gaming experience that will put you on the edge of seat with its addictive, technical, platforming action! Help everyone's favorite Spelunker dig his way to bounds of treasure, while avoiding cleverly placed traps and larger-than-life monsters! Explore huge levels of all kinds of elements and difficulties! Discover hidden power-ups and secret passage-ways! It's all in a day's work for Cave Jumper! This game is the long-awaited update to Cave Jumper. This new update includes: New, improved levels! More health for more Cave Jumping action! New unique axes to help you master the caves! Fight Dragons! Improved online scoring system with new in-game score display! Numerous Bug Fixes! Support for Windows Vista x64 and beyond! Don't wait! Cave Jumper is back,
and waiting for you to master it!
Buy Cave Jumper
"Insane game totally worth the money. just did one run and it was already worth it"
~Babben, TGP Forums
Kung Fu 2
Kung Fu 2 was originally created for the 2008 Retro Remakes Competition ( When it was submitted, the game was not 100% complete. There were only 6 levels finished. Nevertheless, it won first place in its category (games without sequels). It is now finished and can be played by anyone for free!

Kung Fu 2 is a sequel to the NES version of Kung Fu. Kung Fu was originally created by Irem Corporation in 1984.

Kung Fu 2`s goal was to take the NES version, and make a sequel with revamped graphics, refined game-play, new areas to fight in, and new twists in the plot.
Lucky Spot
Just in time for St. Patty's Day!

In a field of clovers, there is one spot that is luckier than the others! You must find the lucky spot in each field. The sooner you find the lucky spot, the more points you'll earn. Sometimes, you may uncover bonus coins for extra points! Good Luck!

Tips / Tricks / Gameplay

Warning: Some spoilers related to game play are below. You may want to figure them out yourself.

We have a gem of a game right here! Find the Lucky Spot! Disguised as a game of pure chance, this puzzle/casino game plays like a reverse mine sweeper. The object of the game is to find the Lucky Spot on your first try on each stage to maximize your points.

Spot Sparkle Tricks:
Spots will randomly flash/sparkle. Sometimes you will notice a different color flash, and that is very important. Depending on the size of the stage, it may take time for a spot to flash, and the spot will only flash special ONE time, then return to normal flashing. You must keep your eyes pealed in order to find the lucky spot.
Blue - You have a chance to see the blue sparkle in each stage. You can see it for up to 5 levels. That is the Lucky Spot!
Yellow - If you see yellow sparkles, that means the lucky spot is touching that clover. You can see up to 3 per level, only if the blue sparkle is not present.
Red - If you see red sparkles (which will happen on 1 level), then every spot will flash red on it's first flash, except the lucky spot. Keep your eyes pealed and remember which ones were red, as they are NOT the lucky spot.

Coin Levels:
There are 3 random levels that will give you a better chance to get coins. Coins are worth 200 points and that's a lot! On a coin level you will not see yellow sparkles.

Level 1:
None of these rules apply on level 1. Level 1 is pure chance.


Alien Assault
This new retro space shooter is fast paced, fun, and addicting. Blast through many waves of enemy fire and take down the mother ship! Do you have what it takes to defeat the alien fleet?

Mission Briefing:As galactic space vessle AA-128 returns home from a scouting mission, it is confronted by the alien enemy fleet! There is no time! You must assault!

My main focus on this project was to create a very simple, interesting, intuitive, and easy to pick up shooter. No fancy weapon systems or any of that. Anybody should be able to play this game, even if there wasn`t any instructions, and have some fun with it. I think I`ve accomplished my task ;)
Click Copter
You are CC-150, a droid on a mission to save the city from certain destruction. Collect power-ups and weapon upgrades to lengthen your survival, but beware the enemy droids, as it is their mission to stop you from protecting the city. Destroy your enemies and locate top-secret weapon power-ups for a bigger boost of firepower. Now go CC-150 and save the city!
Rabbit Stew
Stay Alive! Use the arrow keys to get the rabbit across the level in this intense real life rabbit simulation! Collect carrots, eat grass, and save as many rabbit friends as possible. However, this is no walk in the park as there are many predators in the forest that happen to think rabbit stew is quite tasty. Be on the lookout for foxes, hawks, and that wicked hunter as you play the game that has you running for your life!

9-12-2012 :: Update Version 1.2 :: Fullscreen fix for newer machines.
Diver Dan
"It's time to dive!" ~ test your skill as you swim the world's oceans in search of treasure! Diver Dan rewards the player with fascinating and challenging touch-screen gameplay, encouraging players to gather valuable treasure while avoiding dangerous and sinister obstacles. Look out for floating mines, sharks, swordfish, and squids. Be on guard, as you may cross paths with the legendary Great Red Fish! Compete with your friends and other players around the world using The Games Page and grab the top spot on the high-score board! All in a days work for the world's most-adventurous scuba diver.
Friggin Snake
What else is there to say? It`s Friggin` Snake!
Gunner 3
Gunner 3 was and still is the most popular click game made by KNPMASTER. After a few years of downtime, Gunner returns in an all new adventure, this time with the goal of stopping an illegal weapons operation that turns out to be a cover up for experiments with gene splicing and aliens! With 8 levels, over 20 weapons, exciting and challenging bosses, and lots of secrets to find and stuff to kill, this game takes its place as one of the best Click games of all time! A must have for your collection.

We`ve recompiled the latest version of Gunner 3 in MMF, so you are now able to play it on newer machines without issue.
This was the game that started the Gunner series. Made by KNPMASTER with Klik & Play, it was one of the first KNP games to have a level-scrolling system, which created a true platforming experience. Play as Gunner and collect various weapons that will help you defeat your enemies and reach the nuclear barrel at the end of each of the six stages. Collect all the weapons you can to power yourself up for the boss at the end of the game! While it is old and not quite as advanced as its popular sequal, it`s still very fun to play.

We`ve recompiled the latest version of Gunner in MMF, so you are now able to play it on newer machines without issue.
Gunner 2
This was the second game in the Gunner series. Gunner returns to kick more ass, this time sporting a blue suit and plenty of freezing cold weapons. This game brought back the best of the first game, with new enemies and more dangerous terrain, introducing the infamous spiked wall! Make your way through the game’s six levels, shooting everything you can while powering yourself up to prepare for the game’s final stage! We’ve recompiled the latest version of Gunner 2 in MMF, so you are now able to play it on newer machines without issue.
Gunner 4: Shadow of Blood
Gunner 4: Shadow of Blood is the concept of the advancement of the Gunner series. KNPMASTER designed the game to provide a gameplay experience that was both extremely mechanical and challenging, pushing the limits of what Multimedia Fusion could do. However, most people argue that this game is almost too complex, and took away from what Gunner 3 had done for the series. That is why this version of Gunner is currently abandonware.

Gunner 4: Shadow of Blood gave the user plenty of new weapons (most of which are not available in the demo) that would be accessed through the new inventory system. In addition to weaponry, there was also the ability to change your helmet, armor, and boots, all of which could help the player access and complete certain areas. Planned were lots of new enemies to fight, including at least two boss fights per level. There were a total of 3 levels completed when the game was abandoned (two are fully playable in the demo).

NOTE: this version of Gunner 4 has currently been abandoned. We will not be giving out the source code, so please don`t ask.
Super Bubble Blob
You are a Bubble, but not just any bubble. You are a Bubble Blob, which is a bubble with properties that a blob has plus the properties of a bubble, i.e. stretching, bouncing, flexing, sticking, and so forth. However, you aren`t just any ordinary Bubble Blob. You, my friend, are a Super Bubble Blob. Being a Super Bubble Blob, it is your task to get through various levels of increasing difficulty. The yellow square is your goal, and the spike balls are the obstacles. Will you be able to do it? Do you have what it takes to be a Super Bubble Blob? Only your skills in the game can tell you...

Super Bubble Blob is an extremely puzzling and addicting platformer, putting your gaming skills to the ultimate test. Guide the little green Bubble Blob through 40 challenging levels of platforming skill, jumping from wall to wall, sticking to gooey blocks, and bouncing like a pogo stick all the way! Don`t fall off the stage, or touch obstacles that will make our little green hero pop! Are you good enough to unlock coin challenge mode? You may find yourself at the computer for hours with this game!
Download 1.0.1 EXE Update
Fixes FullScreen on Newer Computers
Laser Frenzy
This is a really, really hard puzzle game. Using laser guns, mirrors, and bombs, you must hit the target twice in each level. Be careful, though! One false move can prevent you from ever completing the level! This game will really get your mind racing. The game automatically saves your progress so you can continue later if you get too frustrated.

Locally, 18 hard as nails levels will keep you busy for hours.

iPhone, iPad Only: This game also features an Online Level Database with hundreds of levels! You can connect to the Laser Frenzy Online Level Database to build, create, and play your own Laser Frenzy levels and share them with the rest of the world for a lifetime of Laser Frenzy Puzzle Mayhem!

Don't miss out on this treasure, hours of entertainment await you inside Laser Frenzy!


Laser Frenzy is a puzzle game involving lasers. Use the laser turrets to shoot the yellow laser gate. The begining levels are easy however the difficulty ramps up quickly as you find yourself trying to solve insanely hard puzzles. Completing a level will give you a star. Collect all the stars to win!

Yellow Laser Gate:
The object of each level is to hit the yellow laser gate twice. Once to open it, and once more to complete the level.

Laser Turrets:
Touch a laser turret to fire off a laser in the direction of the turret. If a laser hits another turret, the turret will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Use this to your advantage.

Laser Turrets on Rails:
Touch the arrows on the end of the rail to move the laser turret. Touch the turrent to fire a laser in the direction of the turret. Turrets on rails cannot rotate and will be destroyed if a laser hits them.

One Way Gate:
This gate only allows one laser to pass through it before it closes.

Switch Gate:
This gate allows lasers to pass through, however it then switches directions, stopping lasers from passing through it from the same direction.

Lasers will bounce off mirrors at right angles changing the direction of the laser. If a laser hits the back of the mirror it will push the mirror one block length.
Opposite mirrors that collide will fuse together to form a moveable block.

Moveable Block:
This block can get in the way, however it can be moved one block length if a laser hits it.

This block will stop any laser and block most objects.

Blocks that can be destroyed by lasers. Two lasers will break a brick wall clearing the way for other lasers and objects.

Nukes can be moved like a moveable block, however will destroy any object in their way upon contact besides other nukes and the yellow laser gate.